The Academy

NOCCi Academy is an institution promoted by the NOCCi. The Academy is built to be a center of excellence for training and research with its favorable learning environment to provide quality professional education for creating employable human resource for industry and startups.


The Academy aims to support the vocational training movement of the country taking the present demographic advantage. It shall conduct Vocational Training Programs under Skill Development Initiative Scheme as training provider to generate skilled workers for industries and job market. The Academy shall also strive to reduce the mismatch that exists between skill levels and industry requirements.


The Academy plans to train 1000 persons every year to supplement efforts of Government there-by narrowing the skill-set gap, bringing about productivity enhancement and make the training not only business driven but also a social cause.


Apart from providing vocational training under Skill Development Initiative Scheme, the Academy also shall provide various trainings like management training, Skill & Capacity enhancement training, Specialised Training, Dual Training System, Multi Skill Training & Computer Training etc.


NOCCi Academy is managed by a team of professionals headed by a Director/Dean, supported by academic and administrative staff with requisite professional qualifications and experience.



The Academy adopts total system approach for training like lecture, talk session, discussion, role play, case study, programmed instruction, simulation and exercises. The Academy has tied up with the local industries in Balasore to provide on the job & shop-floor training support.