Strengthening of Power Distribution Infrastructure


The power supply being provided to the cluster is highly unstable and is plagued by problems such as fluctuation in frequency and voltage with frequent outages. This results in generation of significant wastage of semi-processed raw material along with increased down time for machineries and equipment. Further, in Somnathpur IE, there was no 11 KV distribution network, which was obstructing small industries to come there.
Therefore, a 5 MVA 33/11 KV power sub station with 11 KV feeder network along with underground cabling of 11 KV feeder line in Ganeswarpur Ind Estates have been undertaken.

These infrastructures will benefit the cluster in the following ways:

  • Reduction in costs through lesser usage or power backup facilities   such as generators.
  • Increase in productivity through uninterrupted manufacturing process.
  • Cost reduction through reduced wastage generation.
  • Longer life for machinery and equipment due to reduced fluctuation and outages.
  • Positive Environmental impact through reduction of usage of fume emitting generators etc.

The Estimated Cost:
The cost is Rs. 7.95 Crores.