Last Update : 22/4/11


NOCCi has started "Youth Connect" as part of its social development program, an initiative to prepare the educated youth of the Northern Orissa to take active part in social & economic development of the state and the country.

As part of this initiative, a number of programs like, workshops, seminars, talks and competitions are being organised involving students from leading universities and educational institutions of the area, on themes of leadership, politics, entrepreneurship, soft skill development, social development, environment, conservation & inclusive growth etc etc.

The objective of the "NOCCi Youth Connect" program is to create a platform for the youth to interact with the leaders from industry & social sector and in the process provide them, expertise and exposure to face the real life world.

The program is steered by convenor of this initiative Ms. Supreety Mishra, , under the guidance of Sri Harish Patel, Jt Secretary, NOCCi.

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